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Guardian Backing Gate Controller - GE.E1

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Setup Type
Wash Options
Brake Motor Upgrade

Available from early 2022. Click this link to pre-order now!

Just email the form to us and we will take care of your pre-order.


Ever leave your backing gate running and forgotten about it? 

Ever leave your water running and forgotten about it?


The new Guardian GE.E1 controller is capable to make your circular yard electric backing gate to "think like you"!

We have over 6000 of our electric backing gates out there in New Zealand and other parts of the world! A lot of them are controlled manually which is a lot of hassle.

Our Guardian GE.E1 controller has the capability of streamlining your milking process by smartly managing your gates movements, so you never have to worry about your backing gates doing the wrong things.



Number of Gates:

  • 1 Gate control
  • 2 Gate control

Auto Milking Trigger Switch:

  • Pull Switch (For Herringbone Shed)
  • Trip Switch (For Rotary Shed)

Automatic Wash Valve Control:

  • Yes
  • No

Brake Motor Upgrade

We highly recommend this upgrade.
*the brake motor upgrade would automatically brake the motor to stop the gate when it's not being driven by the controller, saving you the hassle of tying the stationery gates.

In any case of emergency, the controller or the emergency button can instantly stop the gate movement.

  • Yes
  • No


  • Wireless controlled gates
  • Automatically yard wash
  • Automatically stop your gate at shed entry or yard entry
  • Interactive touch screen
  • Smart fault detection (ease of troubleshooting)
  • Gate drive overload control (sets maximum pressure applied to cows in the yard)
  • Automatically moves gate forward based on timer
  • Gate speed control


  • Required gate drive: any 3 phase McConnel electric backing gate drive
  • Power input: 1 Phase, 230V AC, 10A max
  • 2 Gate system needs a centrepost slip ring, <click here/> to see our new slip ring
  • Electric water valve needed for automatic wash control