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Guardian Backing Gate Controller - Electric - Single Gate

SKU GE501 + GE510 + GE515
Sensor Options
Extra Control Options
Brake Motor Upgrade

Ever forget about your backing gate during milking or after milking?

Ever worry about staff overcrowding your cows with backing gate movements that are too frequent or too long?

Does your backing gate have too much push?


Our electric gate drives are installed all over New Zealand and around the world. Many of them are manually controlled by the milker with distractions and human error causing poor cow flow and/or overcrowding in the holding yard.

Our Guardian backing gate controller can make your backing gates "think like you". It allows you to control how your backing gate behaves by adjusting things like how long it runs for, how much push the gate gives, how fast the gate travels and how frequently the gate can be moved.

Core Benefits:

  • Improved safety of cows, by reducing the chance to overcrowd
  • Prevent too frequent backing gate movement by operator
  • Habitual cow flow with sounder
  • Saving precious time and energy otherwise used for pushing the gates around
  • Less human presence in the yard, calmer cows, easier cow flow
  • Timer and sensors incorporated to avoid damaging equipment by forgetting and leaving the backing gate on
  • Integrated Wash and AUXILLARY controls to access


Number of Gates:

  • 1 Gate control
  • 2 Gate control

Auto Milking Trigger Switch:

  • Pull Switch (For Herringbone Sheds, pull rope supplied)
  • Trip Switch (For Rotary Sheds, counting bails to trigger gate movements)

Automatic Wash Valve Control:

You can now control your water to your yard from your controller in the shed! No need to worry about manually going to turn the pump on or off.

Water to your yard can link to gate movements, turning water on when the gate moves, and off when the gate is stopped.

This can be overridden by turning the automatic wash on or off.

Auxiliary Control:

Your milking process can be more convenient with this add-on.

Get your electrician to wire up your wash pump, or cow mister, or anything else you want to this control. And enjoy the convenience of controlling them from the touch screen in the shed!

This control has the following features:

  • Can link to the gate movements (link to one gate but not the other one, or link to both in a twin gate system)
  • Can enable timeout system to not worry about forgetting to leave it on
  • Manual control or Auto Control

Sensor Upgrade:

Sensor installations will provide you added safety for cows and convenience knowing a gate will be stopped at a certain location. It also enables some automatic movements for the gates, for example, the auto changeover function for a 2 gate system.

  • Shed Sensor (Auto stop at Shed entry)
    • Stops gate movements at end of milking, prevents squishing cows
  • Yard Sensor (Auto stop at Yard entry)
    • Useful for precise stop at Yard entry, ready for cows to come in

Brake Motor Upgrade:

The brake motor brakes the motor rapidly to stop the gate when it's stopped (works with emergency stop button in shed). 

This means you can forget about needing to chain your gates, because they are locked. Cows won't be able to move your gates when they are stopped.

(Given excessive push on the gate, the gate drive will skid. This should not happen unless cows are being massively agitated.)

If you wish to manually push the gate, simply dis-engage the clutch on the gate drive.


  • Wireless controlled gates, cable free data communication
  • Automatically yard wash (optional)
  • Automatically stop your gate at shed entry or yard entry (optional)
  • Interactive touch screen
  • Smart fault detection (ease of troubleshooting)
  • Gate drive overload control (sets maximum pressure applied to cows in the yard)
  • Automatically moves gate forward based on timer
  • Gate speed control


  • Required gate drive: any 3 phase McConnel electric backing gate drive
  • Power input: 1 Phase, 230V AC, 10A max
  • 2 Gate system needs a 3 ring centre-post slip ring, we are working on one and will release it in the near future
  • Electric water valve needed for automatic wash control