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Linear Backing Gate

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No online purchase options, our Linear Backing Gates are custom made for each customer.
Please contact us to quote and order.

Read our news article on a customer that has our Linear Backing Gates installed on their farm.


The Linear Backing Gate (otherwise known as Square Yard Gate) is perfectly suited for large farms that milks over 400 cows.

The Linear Backing Gate provides ease of milking, unmatched cow flow, and is easy and calming for your cows.

Normal configuration has of 2 Gates, a front gate, and a rear gate. However, single gate systems are available.

All square yard gate systems come with their own controller, incorporated with sensors in the yard for safety an further ease of use.

Front Gate Function

  • move cows forward into the shed for milking

Rear Gate Function:

  • divide cow flow, preventing overcrowding


Yard Length: 10-25 meters
Yard Width: 5-10 metres

Gate Height: 3 meters
Gate Weight: 2 tonnes

Watch the video here.